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Struggling to Find Compliance Issues and Revenue Leaks? We Can Help!

At Edelberg + Associates, we’ve made our name by delivering superior service and unparalleled accuracy to our physician and hospital clients who manage healthcare revenue cycles and reimbursement. The expertise of E+A’s medical coders also helps these organizations stay compliant, even amidst continually-shifting regulations.

Why You Need an E+A Emergency Medicine Coding Audit
However, for organizations without E+A coders, it can be tough to find the source of revenue leaks, identify down-codes, and maintain compliance. That’s why many emergency departments and physician groups request our E+A Emergency Medicine Coding Audits service — a proactive deep-dive into the data and management of your medical coding practices.

We offer audit services for both your physician group and emergency department. Your E+A Audit can reveal opportunities to educate your team, as well as make changes to policy and procedure that positively impact revenue, or help ensure compliance with stringent governmental regulations. We’re available to bring the team up to speed on updated documentation and coding protocol, including those associated with the recent ICD-10 additions.

What You Get with an E+A Coding Audit

  • A line-by-line analysis of all codes from a chosen sample of records
  • A comparison of your submitted codes and charges with those supplied by E+A auditor
  • A formal report documenting total lost charges, percentage of non-compliant codes, and an error and accuracy rating
  • Upon request, an in-person review or conference call to discuss the findings of the final report is available

What You Can Do with a Negative Report
The goal of requesting a proactive E+A Emergency Medicine Coding Audit is to ensure your organization is compliant and receiving all legitimate revenue earned. If the audit indicates opportunities for improvement, we are more than happy to provide consultation services upon request to remediate any compliance or revenue issues identified. You may also decide to outsource professional and/or technical coding to E+A to ensure the guaranteed level of service that your organization requires.

Request an E+A Coding Audit
Do you need help managing the emergency medicine revenue and compliance of your organization? Request your proactive audit today! Simply fill out the online form and tell us how we can help you.


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    Talk To Our Team Today

    Get in touch and we'll be happy to personally assist you all the way through.