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Edelberg Featured in ACEP Now June 2014 Issue

In a recently released article from ACEP entitled “Healthcare Professionals Share Insights on Challenges, Future of Emergency Medicine”, an all-star cast of luminaries in Emergency Medicine, including our very own Caral Edelberg, discuss the challenges ahead for Emergency Medicine and also share their unique insights built over their many decades in the industry.  The article was moderated by Kevin Klauer, DO, EJD, FACEP and featured top executives from EmCare ( Gregory Hufstetler ), Zotec Partners (Ed Gaines & John Holstein) and Edelberg & Associates (Caral Edelberg).

ACEP Article provides industry perspective from industry's leaders

ACEP Article provides industry perspective from industry’s leaders

The article touched on a range of concepts including “Greatest of Three” (GOT) Interim Final Rule (IFR), ICD-10, Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and the general operating challenges that these leaders see in the coming years.

From the article and the high level of expertise from the assembled group it is clear that Emergency Medicine stakeholders and hospital administrators need to stay particularly vigilant to ensure continued relevance and visibility.

For an on-line .PDF of the entire article please follow the link here: