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Emergency Medicine has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to medical coding. Due to the inherent nature of emergency medicine’ high volume and fast pace, documentation has a greater risk of being incomplete or have discrepancies. Emergency medicine often has the highest number of incomplete or missing documentation and or completed records. Edelberg offers unique solutions with real-time identification of discrepancies and on-line training programs to identify and correct each providers unique documentation challenges. Edelberg provides long-term and short-term coding options for emergency medicine through its proprietary “CLEAR” data management system. With real-time metrics, dashboards and financial and performance data, Edelberg provides client partners with state-of-the-art systems to assure success of your emergency department financial performance.


Facility coding for emergency departments is a complex process and depends on physician, advanced practice practitioner (APP), nurse and, if relevant, student and resident documentation to identify the full range of services provided to the ED patient. In addition, evaluation and management services have not been established nationally for the facility component of emergency department billing and the algorithm used must be tiered according to acuity and followed uniformly to prevent revenue and/or compliance issues. Nursing documentation, often ignored for coding purposes, is critical to determine accurate billing of timed services such as infusions, injections and critical care. E+As extensive experience in analyzing each client hospitals acuity index, developing coding algorithms that identify all evaluation and management related services and tracking documentation omissions such as infusion times and critical care assistance assure that your emergency department revenue will be accurately realized.


Freestanding emergency departments provide many of the services provided to hospital-based emergency departments with the exception of having the ability to admit their patients. Patients who need to be admitted must be transported to a hospital-based emergency department and subsequently admitted. Coding for freestanding emergency departments includes all services provided at the site and can be more comprehensive than a hospital-based emergency department where only the ED services are coded. Patients receive bills for professional fees, a facility fee and ancillary fees (if radiology or lab services are needed). Facilities fees are also billed because, like traditional hospital emergency departments, freestanding emergency departments have emergency physicians, nurses, techs and staff, and advanced laboratory and imaging capabilities available, usually around-the-clock. This requires coders to be proficient in many types of codes not generally utilized by traditional emergency medicine coders. E+A coders are proficient in coding for Freestanding Emergency Departments an understand the unique challenges in both documentation and coding.



Edelberg + Associates proprietary platform delivers seamless integration with unparalleled security and allows your E+A onboarding team to set up your account in one-day using key database elements. Each client partner receives a private, protected login to our platform, ensuring all data from your organization is guarded and fully secured. We can then import charts directly into the E+A coding platform or code directly within your existing system.

We guarantee a seamless onboarding of your operation and open collaboration with your management team. Our strategic client partnerships assure that your account has a dedicated manager who is fully involved from the start. Our collaboration with key client individuals assures that our team delivers ongoing timely support for reporting, reviews and regulatory updates.

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As an E+A Coding client, our team also monitors your revenue and compliance environment for adherence to industry rules and regulations. We then provide detailed reporting and recommendations on downcoding, documentation education, identifying areas of risk, and opportunities for improvement.

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