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Hospital Observation Services and 2017 “MOON” Requirements

Hospital Observation services have received much attention in past years as a result of issues relating to patient confusion about co-pays and charges for Medicare outpatient vs. inpatient services. In an effort to address these issues, CMS has developed the “Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice” (MOON) effective for dates of service beginning February 21, 2017 under CMS-10611 Transmittal 3695 dated January 20, 2017.

Critical Care in 2017

Some Thoughts to Improve Documentation and Assure Correct Coding Determining what constitutes critical continues to stump physicians and coding professionals into 2017.  As a result, determining Critical Care for professional and technical services still remains a subjective area of E/M coding.  Although CMS has attempted to clarify the content and determining factors for critical care…

MLN Updates

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"] Stay Up to Date on Medicare + More with MLN Matters® The experts at Edelberg + Associates are dedicated to keeping the coding community up to speed on changes within the industry. One resource we rely on is the MLN Matters® Articles published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The new…

If It Wasn’t Documented — It Wasn’t Done

From the E+A Experts — What to Know when Scoring Records for “Medical Necessity”   Defining “Medical Necessity” for Documentation All services provided to a patient who is receiving Medicare are subjected to Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, Section 1862(a)(1)(A). This act demands that services meet a set criteria to be deemed “reasonable…

NOW HIRING: Remote Pro-Fee Coders

The top team in medical coding is hiring! The E+A remote team has immediate openings for 
E/M-Hospitalist Pro-Fee Coders AND ED Professional and/or Technical Coders. As a member of the E+A team, you set your own flexible schedule but MUST commit to at least 15 hours per week. You will be taxed as a long-term…

Learn About E+A Emergency Medicine Coding Audits

Struggling to Find Compliance Issues and Revenue Leaks? We Can Help! At Edelberg + Associates, we’ve made our name by delivering superior service and unparalleled accuracy to our physician and hospital clients who manage healthcare revenue cycles and reimbursement. The expertise of E+A’s medical coders also helps these organizations stay compliant, even amidst continually-shifting regulations.…

Top List of Medical Coding Credentials

If you’re new to the medical coding field, medical coding certifications can seem like an alphabet soup of education. Those unfamiliar with the field and its different coding credentials may find themselves bewildered about which can help them attain a promising future in coding. The reality is that the coding credentials you should pursue should…

The Top 10 Medical Coder Must-Haves

As a rapidly growing field with new opportunities on the horizon every day, medical coding is a terrific job for people who enjoy challenging and rewarding work paired with schedule flexibility. Since a good majority of medical coding is remote, coders can do the job from anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re looking to…

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